« Small progress is still progress »



  • Implemented daily email notification
  • Tweaked the UI with nice icons from Feather
  • Re-organized the pages and navigation


  • Implemented favorites connections, allowing users to put their most contacted people on the top of the list


  • Implemented personal links to allow yourself saving links accessible from anywhere
  • Added an extra checkbox to tick if you want to send a link and store it for yourself at the same time
  • Added ability to send multiple links at once


  • Implemented social login to allow easy and fast registration.
  • Redesigned footer to include a link to this page
  • Tweaked a few things on the homepage for better interface


  • Improved multiple parts of the mobile design
  • Optimized the speed of the website by reducing the load of unused Javascript
  • Enabled Progressive Web App. Allows Linbox to be added on smartphone's homescreen / drawer like a native app without any installation. Linbox can load 20x times faster than a native app would, without using your storage.



  • Redesigned some parts of the user interface
  • Title and description can be added on a link you share
  • Title of the link is automatically fetch when you share it
  • A dedicated page to send a link with all the options is created


  • Beta test opens after few months of developement: it is possible to create an account, connect with people using a unique token and send them a link by sharing it really simply and quickly. A lot of features and updates are scheduled. Yay!